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8’ Balance Beam



Balancing is an important skill for children to learn as they grow. It is a skill that begins as soon as children learn to stand and walk and continues to develop well into their adolescence. The 8-foot Straight Balance Beam is an excellent addition to any size playground as it allows children to continue practicing balance. Designed for the 2 to 12 age range, children of all balancing abilities are able to practice and refine their skills. Once imagination gets involved, a trip across the balance beam turns into walking across a narrow bridge over a canyon or traveling across a log on a lake. With children, imagination knows no bounds! The 8-foot Straight Balance Beam is also great for promoting social play as children learn about sharing while taking turns on the beam. Even though the height of the balance beam is low, it is still important to have proper safety surfacing to help prevent injury in case of a fall.


  • 100 Years – Aluminum and Steel Upright Posts
  • 100 Years – Post Caps and Clamps
  • 100 Years – Hardware
  • 15 Years – Rails, Rungs, Rigid Climbers, Loops, and Decks
  • 15 Years – HDPE and Rotationally Molded Plastics
  • 5 Years – Cables and Nets
  • 5 Years – Moving Parts
  • 3 Years – Blow Molded Plastics
  • 1 Year – All Materials not Covered Above


The Straight Balance Beam is an all time favorite for boys and girls alike. A perfect addition to any playground, excellent for elementary schools.


$354.00 $295.00


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Safety Zone – 12' 4” x 20'
Critical Fall Height – 1’
Age Group – 2-12 Years
Child Capacity – 1
Typically Ships in 1 – 2 Weeks
Freight Not Included
Installation Not Included


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