Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


When choosing a play set it is important to consider a few questions.

  • What types of play does our child enjoy? Active, Physical, and High-energy? Dramatic, imaginative, and creative? Maybe both?
  • How old are the children that will be playing on it? If you have younger children, we suggest that you think of your child as being older. Bigger and taller play sets are used by both older and younger kids.
  • What is your budget? Will you start with a smaller swing set and add to it over time, or do you need something bigger now for your family.

Though they may appear nice, the play sets sold at big box retail stores and online retail outlets are constructed from thin and small dimension lumber. Many of the 4×4 and 4×6 beams from these play sets are made from what we term as “popsicle stick lumber.” These big beams are made by gluing small strips of lumber together. This “popsicle stick lumber” coupled with small hardware and cheap slides will lead to a play set that is rickety after a short period of time. Many of our “high end” competitors use this same type of construction.

Some play set manufacturers wrap their lumber in plastic. This is called encapsulated lumber. This is done as a cost cutting measure. The lumber used inside of the plastic is not insect or decay resistant wood. Therefore, it is less expensive. However, when wood is wrapped in plastic, the plastic can trap moisture. This can lead to rot and decay from the inside. Another disadvantage is the inability to inspect the wood. These posts may form cracks which may lead to structure failure. Also, many of these encapsulated lumber posts are not made from solid lumber. They may be manufactured by gluing or bolting several pieces of wood together.

Yes we can. All of our play sets are designed to adjust for some amount of slope. Though, some of our play sets are more adjustable than others. Please check the job photos page of our web site for examples of some play sets on sloped yards. There is not much we cannot do.

If you believe that space is a concern, we encourage you to take some simple measurements of your yard and contact us. All of our play sets are customizable and configurable. We have many different models and configurations that will fit most any yard.

We recommend a six foot perimeter around all sides of the play set. If you do not have room for this safe perimeter, please contact us. We can help you choose a play set that will fit safely in your yard.

Yes. If you move, you can take any of our play sets with you. Also, we offer a service to move the play set for you for an additional fee.

Unlike cheap play sets sold at mass retailers, none of our play sets require staking or anchoring to the ground.

All of our play sets are made from redwood and/or cedar. Redwood and cedar are ideal for use in outdoor applications due to their natural decay and insect resistant properties. Beware of chemically treated lumber.

As with any outdoor wooden structure, we recommend that you clean and stain the play set periodically. This will keep the play set attractive and in peak condition. The frequency with which this needs to be done will vary based on weather, site conditions, and amount of use. Generally speaking, most play sets should be cleaned and stained about once every two years. We also, suggest that you inspect all hardware prior to every use, and tighten through bolts if necessary.

Due to manufacturer’s restrictions, we cannot post pricing on our website. Please contact us, and we’ll send you a complete price list. Also, if you find a lower price on an identical item, we’ll match it.

Variables, such as, manufacturing, shipping dates, and installation availability factor into the turn-around time for the play set. As a general rule, most play sets can be installed within 3-5 weeks from the order date. However, if it is in stock, we can typically install it within 1-2 weeks. In some instances, we have installed it the next day.

Though all play sets have a weight limit, all of our play sets are made well enough for Mom and Dad to enjoy with the kids. However, some of our “lighter weight” play sets will exhibit more movement than our “heavy duty” ones when adults play on them.

Basketball Goals

We get this call all the time. Our goals are usually less expensive and better quality then what you will get online.  These goals can weigh up to 900lbs and the freight company will only drop it in the street at your curb.  It is very difficult to get the goal to where you want it.  If there is freight damage (and there is because of the weight) you will have to schedule a pickup and wait on another goal.  We do not install other manufacturer goals for liability reasons and we are just too busy installing our own.  It is hard to find someone to install it for under $500 and we see goals installed incorrectly all the time.  Usually the problems will not show up until later down the road when it leans or even falls.  In the future when you need service or to replace a backboard it is very difficult to go through that process again vs having someone local come and repair your goal.  There is really not one good reason to purchase a goal online that we can think of.

Aside from the obvious differences in appearance, most differences are in things you cannot see or would not notice. Things like the size of the pole, how many pieces is the pole made from, the thickness of the steel, and thickness of the glass are important differences in the basketball goals we sell and others found at mass retailers. Our most popular models have one-piece poles, 7 gauge steel (thickest in the industry), and regulation ½” tempered glass backboards.

Depending on the ages of the children, player’s skill level, and site conditions, there are many different things to consider when choosing the right hoop. Here are some of features to consider:

  • Steel thickness
  • Backboard thickness
  • Quality of rim
  • Range of adjustment
  • Ease of adjustment
  • Protective padding
  • Size of backboard
  • Backboard overhang distance

For casual, recreational play, any size will do fine. For very small driveways and areas, 54 inch backboards may be the best option. Our most popular size backboard is 60 inches. For true size, competitive play, regulation 72 inch backboards are best.

Factors such as, installation availability, product availability, and underground utility markings have a bearing on the turn around time. Generally, the process is something like this:

The contractor can typically set the anchor system in concrete within 1-3 days of the markings.
The pole and backboard can be assembled 1-3 days after the concrete has set.
Typically, if the goal is in stock, you can play on your hoop in 7-10 days.

All of our basketball goals are anchored 4′ deep in concrete.

Absolutely! All of our goals can be removed from the anchor system and relocated to your new home. A new anchor system is all that is required.


Everything that goes into the trampoline is of a higher quality. The steel is thicker, there are more and longer springs, the padding is thicker and more UV resistant, and the net is stronger. Many of the trampolines we sell are to people that previously spent $300 – $500 on a trampoline from an online or mass retailer. These trampolines typically last 1-2 years before the net collapses and the padding disintegrates.

There are many different factors that determine the weight rating of a trampoline. The thickness of steel, quality of springs, and number of springs are just a few of these factors. Most cheap trampolines have a weight rating of around 200 lbs. Our most popular models have weight ratings between 245 and 330 lbs. with real world combined weight of over 800 – 1100 lbs.

Although a flat area is best for a trampoline, we can accommodate for some slope by using build up material on the downhill side of the slope. Depending on the amount of slope and required material, additional charges may apply. For most yards, additional charges are not necessary.

Depending on the particular trampoline, the amount of recommended room will vary. Most trampolines need about a 3′ safety perimeter. We have many different sizes and shapes to suit almost any yard.

Many variables, such as, manufacturing, shipping dates, and installation availability can factor into the turn-around time for the trampoline. We have many trampolines in stock. As a general rule, most trampolines can be installed within 1-2 weeks from the order date. In some instances, we have installed it the next day.

Safety Surfacing

Absolutely. Most playground injuries are the result of falls from the equipment. We recommend a resilient surface under your play set to reduce the likelihood of injuries. The safety surfacing has a secondary benefit of making it easier to maintain your yard around your play set.

Depending on the type and depth of material, many loose fill materials will provide a resilient surface. Rubber mulch and playground wood chip mulch are the most common materials. Wood chip mulch is the most cost effective on the front end, but it can be more expensive long term. Rubber mulch has many advantages:

  • It does not compact
  • It does not decay
  • It does not attract animals or insects
  • It dries quickly after a rain
  • It is clean
  • It is cost effective long term – no need to replenish decaying wood chips
  • We offer both rubber mulch and wood chip mulch for your safety surfacing needs.