Happy Backyards™ was created by two childhood friends that grew up in St. Louis Missouri.

After graduating college, we both headed to Nashville TN, and began selling the best residential swing sets to the middle Tennessee area in 1996. They were pioneers in the industry as the large wooden swing set market was just starting to boom. We love Nashville and have both raised our families here and have committed over 24 years to establish our business as the leader in the playground industry in the Tennessee area. Playground One Swing sets were launched in 2011 as the premier manufacturer of wooden playgrounds. We buy in huge volumes and buy direct to avoid the middleman that most all other dealers in the United States still use after taking their manufacturing overseas. We offer the safest and best product at the best price period! We have added the two largest premier trampoline manufacturers over the years in AlleyOop and Springfree trampolines as well as the most popular inground basketball hoops in Proformance Hoops and Goalrilla. We have grown a large presence in the commercial business with commercial playgrounds for HOA’s, churches, and private schools.

We recently also began to carry the SnapSports product line which is an indoor/outdoor flooring company for any type of residential or commercial court you can think of. They can do a basketball court to pickleball to tennis and even volleyball. The two owners and a sales manager pictured here have over 65 years of knowledge in the industry of backyard fun. They believe in a healthy, involved family and get satisfaction in providing the products that promote that. We are local and we are so grateful for the support from the Tennessee community over the years