Happy Backyards™ is pleased to carry the Gamemaker Torch by Goalrilla! The Gamemaker Torch is a mobile lighting system that is perfect for a number of situations like youth sports leagues, sports camps, picnics, backyards, driveways, camping, emergency services and construction sites, just to name a few.

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The Gamemaker Torch is easy to transport and easy to set up wherever you need a floodlight when there’s no electricity nearby. Its rechargeable low 12-volt system is battery-powered so there’s no wiring and no generators to deal with and yet its LED light provides more light than a 300W halogen floodlight.

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This light is also safe to use around kids because it doesn’t get hot, so you don’t have to worry about small hands being burned. It also uses environmentally-friendly and non-toxic LEDs so there’s no need for concern about broken bulbs.

At 11.3’ tall (135” inches) and with a base that measures 62” in diameter when assembled, it’s large enough to provide 60’ of light coverage and yet small enough to be easily transportable when disassembled. (The carrying bag is only 10” wide x 45.25” deep x 10.5” high and weighs just 20.5 pounds.) Four units can easily illuminate a small soccer field so you can imagine that one or two would be plenty to light up a driveway or backyard for a late night basketball game or trampoline jumping session.

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The Gamemaker Torch includes:

– Carrying case with wheels

– Two-way pump

– Ground anchors

– Battery bag (Battery not included)

Stop by Happy Backyards™ in Franklin to see the Gamemaker Torch in person and see how it can make sure your family’s fun doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down!

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