PROformance Hoops have been perfecting their basketball hoops for more than 20 years and are the best in-ground basketball hoops available on the market today. The difference is in the details and there are certainly plenty of details that make PROformance Hoops stand out from the competition. Here are the features that help PROformance Hoops outplay all of the rest:


Glass BackboardSafety Tempered Glass Backboard – PROformance makes their safety tempered glass by heating and then rapid cooling the glass so that it is harder and more durable, making it unlikely to shatter. Each of the backboards is wrapped with a Full Perimeter Aluminum Trim that protects the glass and adds additional stability. Safety Tempered Glass is used by both the NCAA and NBA and provides a consistent rebounding experience no matter where the ball hits the backboard.


Corrosion Protected One-Piece Steel Pole – PROformance poles are 50-200% thicker Steel Polesteel than industry standards require and are manufactured in a multi-step corrosion and rust-resistant process. Their process of removing oils, grease and dirt and then dipping the poles in an acidic solution to remove flakes of steel, followed by coating the poles with zinc and a final powder coating ensures that they have the toughest poles around.


Base PlatePremium Gusset Support Base Plate – Welded steel at the base of PROformance poles provides maximum stability while slotted holes ensure that the goal is level and square. The added stability means less vibration and shake on the goal no matter how aggressive the basketball play is.



Premium Pier Mount Anchor System – PROformance’s one-of-a-kind anchor system not just Pier Mountmeets, but exceeds all standards for in-ground basketball hoops. The zinc and powder coated base plate, thick Pier Mount J-bolts and 4 pieces of reinforcing rebar ensure that PROformance Hoops are installed level and secure each and every time.



HardwareStainless Steel Hardware – The stainless steel hardware resists corrosion, even in the most extreme climates while the pole’s Chromium Oxide film self-repairs from any scratches that may result from installation or play. Plus the hardware won’t rust or corrode over time so there’s never any need for expensive repairs or replacements.



Bolt-to-Steel Rim Attachment – The rim is mounted directly to the steel instead of the why-bolt-to-steel
backboard, so there’s never any stress put on the glass backboard itself. This means kids and adults can play aggressively near the rim without worrying about damage to the backboard.



why-breakaway-rimDual Spring Safety Breakaway Rim – Two high-tension stainless steel powder coated springs allow the rim to break away when pressure is put on it and then rebound right back into position, keeping both players and the basketball goal safe. The attached hide-away net is easy to replace but doesn’t have protruding hooks that could cause injuries during play.



Power Arc 90 Lift Assist – A dual cylinder system allows anyone to easily adjust a PROformance why-power-arcHoop from 6 ft to 10 ft with just a crank. A tension screw mechanism and internal springs provide low resistance so it’s easy to set the goal to an accurate height each and every time.




Come to Happy Backyards™ in Franklin today to take PROformance Hoops for a test drive and see for yourself what really sets them apart!

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