Reprinted with permission from Woodplay:

For a lot of people, the idea of “sustainable” redwood is contradictory. We’re used to hearing about redwood as an endangered resource, something that has to be protected. And the natural redwoods along California’s coast do need protection and care.

Sustainable redwoods are grown as a renewable resource. In order to qualify as sustainable redwood, the material must be grown in a managed forest with specific parameters. There must be sustainable harvesting programs. In addition, steps must be taken to ensure that the natural wildlife living in the forest is preserved. Any trees that are harvested must be replaced with natural species.

The end result is that redwood, a naturally hard and rot-resistant material – can be used commercially without damaging the environment or harming the ecosystems that rely on it. In California, where most redwood forestry takes place, there are very stringent laws governing the training required to become a forestry expert and outlining the requirements for conservation and sustainability.

At Woodplay, all of our wood swing sets are crafted from this sustainable redwood. This kind of construction allows us to provide outdoor wooden swingsets that are naturally immune to insects and resistant to disease and deterioration. These properties are part of what enables the trees to grow so tall in the wild, but it continues to hold even after harvesting. Because we use sustainable redwood, our wood swing sets never have chemical preservatives or other additives commonly found in other outdoor wooden swing sets.

In addition to durability, redwood also has tremendous strength. It is subject to minimal warping, preventing the joints from loosening and ensuring that your swingset stays strong through years of play. Its strength is exceptional – everyone can play, including parents!

Sustainable redwood is a great choice for our kids and for our environment.

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