Want a high-quality play set for your children, but are also concerned about the environment? WOODPLAY Playsets from Happy Backyards™ is your answer!


From the redwood forest to your backyard, Woodplay makes environmentally sound choices a priority.

  • Redwood has dimensional stability. According to the Forest Products Laboratory of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, redwood has less volumetric and tangential shrinkage. This means redwood stays flat and straight with minimal warping, cupping (the edges of the woods are high and its center is low) or checking (cracking).
  • Redwood resists disease and decay. Redwood contains tannin, which is harmless to humans and animals yet toxic to fungi. Fungal disease causes decay in other woods.
  • Redwood is naturally immune to insects.
  • Redwood’s strength and durability make our playset structures safe for heavy-duty use and kids of all sizes — including Dad.
  • The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends natural wood, like redwood, for outdoor playsets.
  • Our water-based wood stains are low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and safe for our children, our pets, wildlife, and the air we breathe.
  • We aggressively recycle to keep materials out of the waste stream.
  • Through kanban (just-in-time) production practices, our optimal inventory levels use resources efficiently and save energy.
  • To reduce CO2 and other emissions, whenever possible we team with transit providers who participate in the U.S. EPA SmartWay® transport partnership.
  • Our redwood requires no dangerous chemical preservatives — unlike wood species that are pressure treated to artificially extend product life because redwood is naturally resistant to decay.

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