wooden swing sets

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Wooden Swing Sets or Metal? Which is the better option for your family?

While metal swing sets can certainly sound appealing at first with their lower cost and easier installation, purchasing a wooden swing set may be the better option for your HAPPY BACKYARD:

– Wooden swing sets provide more options and accessories. Metal swing sets usually just offer swings and a slide whereas wooden swing sets can include forts, climbing walls, tire swings, picnic tables and much more.

– Wooden swing sets require little maintenance – just cleaning and staining at least every other year to protect them and keep them looking new. Unlike metal swing sets, they don’t rust and should you ever require a replacement piece of wood, you should be able to repair it quickly and easily.

– Although metal swing sets are cheaper than wooden ones, you definitely get what you pay for! Wooden swing sets are a great investment that will last through all the kids in your family, no matter how many there are!

– Wooden swing sets are much sturdier than metal ones so you don’t have to worry about tipping. In addition, many metal swing sets may have weight limits that do not support the weight of older children or adults. Wooden swing sets can also be installed more safely to avoid damage during severe weather.

– Lastly, wooden swing sets are more natural looking in your backyard, fitting seamlessly into the rest of your landscaping instead of detracting from all of the hard work you’ve put into your yard!

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