With less than two weeks until Christmas, you may still be frantically searching for the “perfect” gift. If that elusive gift is for your child or children, look no further than Happy Backyards™ in Franklin! Trampolines and basketball hoops make the perfect gift at Christmas and any other occasion all year long. Here’s why:

1) Trampolines and basketball hoops get kids outside.  Kids have too many reasons to stay indoors: texting, Xbox, TV and homework, just to name a few. Simply giving them a shove out the door doesn’t mean that they’ll have anything to do outside, but providing them an activity will get their blood flowing… even in cold weather!

2) Trampolines and basketball hoops are great for kids of all ages. There aren’t too many gifts you could buy for your family that would work for preschoolers all the way up to teenagers. But a basketball goal or trampoline is something kids can enjoy individually, alongside their siblings or friends or together with the whole family.

3) Trampolines and basketball hoops create lasting memories. Think back to your childhood. If you’re like us, you probably remember the experiences and adventures you had rather than the “things.” Trampolines and basketball hoops aren’t just one-time gifts; they’re gifts your kids can enjoy over and over again.

4) Trampolines and basketball hoops are the hit of the neighborhood. This is especially important if you have shy or reserved kids who need help making friends! (Of course providing some snacks and drinks along with the basketball goal and trampoline will mean that the kids may never leave!)

5) Trampolines and basketball hoops never go out of style. The latest toy or video game may go out of style in a year or even just a few months, but trampolines and basketball goals have been around for years and will continue to be enjoyed for many years to come!

6) Trampolines and basketball goals don’t require batteries! We say this jokingly but if you’re a parent, you know how frustrating it can be to keep up with batteries and small parts for all of your kids’ Christmas toys. So give yourself a break and skip those this year!

We can install trampolines and basketball hoops, too, so take all of the heavy lifting out of Christmas this year and let us help you give your kids the perfect gift!

Happy Backyards™ sells and installs only the safest and highest quality residential playground equipment, basketball goals, and trampolines for your own home. We are a local company and have been doing it for 15 years with a focus on quality products, quality service, and competitive low pricing.