swing sets in NashvilleLooking for something fun to do with your swing sets in Nashville?
Your kids may be getting a little restless as summer starts to wind down and the Olympics will be here in less than three weeks. That sounds like two great reasons to throw an end-of-summer Olympic-themed party using your swing sets in Nashville! If you don’t have time to plan an Olympic party in July or August, hang on to these ideas for use at a back-to-school party, birthday party or just a fun neighborhood gathering!
– Create invitations that look like sporting tickets; you can find plenty of templates and ideas online with a quick search.
– Encourage attendees to wear their favorite sports outfits: leotards, swimsuits, basketball uniforms, etc. These can be very fun and creative!
– For Olympic-themed food, provide dishes from various countries or just stick with a red, white and blue theme. Top things off with a simple Olympic rings cake in a 9″x13″ pan. Use blueberries, sliced strawberries, kiwi, mandarin oranges and blackberries to create the five colored rings on top of a white whipped topping background.
– Set up stations in your backyard for a rotation-style competition: trampoline (gymnastics), basketball goal (basketball), play set (track and field), kiddie pool (swimming), etc.
– Plan an activity that each participant must complete at each station and either score them at each station for a final total score or create an obstacle course and time the entire course. Here are some ideas:

– Basketball goal: Make the most goals in 30 seconds

– Play set: Timed obstacle course

– Trampoline: Judges rate a routine
– Discus: Longest distance to throw a frisbee
– Bicycle: Tricycle race
Select winners for each station and/or final competition winners. Have a medal ceremony complete with gold, silver and bronze medals being awarded.

Let us know if you have other great ideas for outdoor parties using your basketball goals, trampolines and swing sets in Nashville. And if you’re missing a piece of outdoor play equipment to make your upcoming party complete, stop by Happy Backyards™ at 1113 Murfreesboro Road in Franklin and see what we have to offer!