Nashville Spring Break Ideas

Goofballs Family Fun Center is a great place to spend Spring Break!

Looking for some great Nashville Spring Break ideas? Look no further! Here are a few ways to have fun around town:

Nashville spring break for most people is just a week or two away and if you don’t already have a trip on the calendar, you’re probably looking for Nashville Spring Break ideas to make the week fun for your kids by planning some fun and inexpensive things to do without needing to leave the area.

Goofballs Family Fun – This 12,000 square foot venue will entertain your kids for an entire day or more! This fun zone offers an arcade, bumper cars, laser tag, obstacle course, bowling, play set room, toddler play area and Wii rooms. Pizza is also available so come and stay all day – you won’t need to plan lunch or dinner! Goofballs is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, but open Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11am-8pm, Friday and Saturday from 10am-9pm and Sundays from 12pm-6pm.

Scavenger Hunt – Plan one indoors or outdoors… in your own backyard or around the neighborhood if you have older kids. Make clues and give them to your kids: if they can’t read well, you may want to do pictures or just basic commands (for example “go to the mailbox for your next clue”), but if they’re older, incorporate rhymes, more difficult clues and make sure to have a fun prize waiting for them at the end!

Giant Banana Split Party – Purchase some clean gutters at your local hardware store, cover in foil and fill it full of bananas and ice cream. Invite the neighbors over and ask them to bring their favorite toppings!

Local Library – Many libraries offer story hours or craft time for younger kids and older kids will enjoy having their pick of the books and the time to hole up in a beanbag chair for a couple hours to read whatever they want to – not just what school typically requires! This is a great way to make kids learn to love to read for fun, and not just when forced.

Backyard Camping – Pitch a tent, make s’mores in the firepit, play flashlight tag in the backyard and rent a movie projector to play your favorite family movie on the back of your house. You may not make it the whole night outside (especially if temperatures are chilly!) but you can always bring your camping trip indoors!

Basketball Tournament – If you have older kids, invite the neighbor kids over for a a 2-on-2 or 3-on-3 tournament with prizes at the end of the day. Younger kids will just enjoy structured games with the basketball goal like “Bump” or “Around the World.”

Picnic in the Park – Pack a lunch and invite some friends to the park. Make sure you pack the sunscreen, mosquito repellent (they may already be out!), a Frisbee and balls or other fun park activities for everyone to enjoy together!

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Do you have any Nashville Spring Break ideas ? What are your kids most excited about? Sleeping in? No schedules? No homework?

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