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The Goalsetter X560 Glass in-ground basketball system provides a mid-sized goal packed with features like a 38-in x 60-in tempered glass backboard, a 5-in square steel pole and 3-ft of play area. The straight-pole, tension jack design features die-formed extension arms, a ground anchor and a 90-degree adjustment handle.

Get in the game with the Goalsetter X560. This in-ground basketball system is designed to bring the game and the court right to your very own driveway. Featuring die-formed extension arms, a 90-degree adjustment handle, and a patented ground anchor for stable installation, this set has the technology want at a price you can afford. Complete with a competition tempered glass backboard and a 3-foot regulation play area. Adjustable height mechanism accommodates players of all ages.

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Backboard Size:           38" x 60"
Glass Thickness:         3/8"
Pole Size:                       5" x 5"
Pole Thickness:           7 gauge
Pole Cap:                        Plastic Cap
Weight:                           430 lbs.
Rim:                                 Heavy Duty Flex Rim
Overhang:                      3'
Adjustment:                  6' 8" – 10'
Pole Padding:               Not Included
Backboard Padding:  Not Included
Warranty:                      Limited Lifetime