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Starbright Imagination Station

Starbright Imagination Station

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Children will find shelter and learning within the petals of the Happy Hollow. A bubble of fantasy rests within the walls while the leafy exterior is home to a variety of forest friends large and small. Bertie the Bluebird rests on a vine near a Window with Peek-Through Panels with a cleverly placed crank to turn his head. Bertie can face left, then right and all around. The crank is the first of many activities that works fine and gross motor skills. As children follow the vine around to its base, they will discover the resting form of the Carl the Caterpillar. Carl’s multi-colored rings can be pushed to one side and back again. The open shape works children’s fine motor skills as they grasp and release. Children will continue to Marty the Sensory Mushroom where various patterns are set out for them to explore. Directly above Marty sits Ferah the Firefly whose brightly colored beads bounce joyously as its spun. Bella the Butterfly, sitting just next door, sports wide wings adorned with easy to grasp pegs that can be moved through their maze. As children approach the Vine Bench, they will reach above to turn Lily Lady Bug to her gentle but affirmative click click click. As they reach the Stone Climber, they can venture into the shaded interior of the Happy Hollow and explore a host of fantasy elements that decorate the walls. The Happy Hollow is more than a garden of developmental exploration, it is a safe place. Constructed from rotationally molded plastic all necessary metal is concealed behind rotationally molded plastic keeping children as safe as they play to their hearts’ content.

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Replete with exciting avenues of play, the Starbright Imagination Station helps kids on the playground activate their minds, bodies, and, most importantly, their imaginations. Its twists and turns will excite all who play on it, and the surfeit of fun play elements will have kids coming back for more. Starting on the ground floor, kids will immediately notice the Bongos and the Rain Wheel, which offer differing yet exciting sensory play experiences. After climbing the Fish Stairs, children can engage with the Tic Tac Toe Panel as well as the Clock Panel, which offer further means by which kids can engage their minds. When ready, children can descend to the ground using the Hard Hat Right Turn Slide, at which point they can begin the fun anew.




Model Number:  PCE002
Age Range: 2-5 years
Child Capacity: 17-21
Fall Height:  45″
Product Type: Imagination Station
Safety Zone:  30′ x 27′ 5″


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