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8’ Arch Post Tire Swing – 1 Bay

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8’ Arch Post Tire Swing – 1 Bay

Original price was: $2,520.00.Current price is: $2,100.00.

The Elite Series Arch Post Tire Swing stands at 8 feet high and is available in two standard colors: blue and green. The construction allows for years of maintenance free swinging. The top rail and upright posts are all pipe. The swing comes with standard belt seats, connectors, galvanized chain, and unpainted steel hangers.The arch swing brings style to your playground and the Elite Series brings the price that everyone is looking for.


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Few playground activities can be quite as exciting for kids as the classic tire swing. This 8 feet high Elite Arch Post Tire Swing brings an old design into the modern age, with important safety features, like the spaced-out legs that give the tire plenty of room to move around. The main advantage of a tire swing over an ordinary design is that a tire swing can move in all directions, making it much more exciting. With the help of multiple participants pushing it, the tire can even swing around in wide circles. Tire swings are fun to push around, so plenty of kids should be willing to help out in exchange for a turn. The tire is made from a durable plastic ensur. The tire, and all of the other materials used in this structure, are highly durable and made to withstand any seasonal weather.


  • 100 Years – Aluminum and Steel Upright Posts
  •  100 Years – Post Caps and Clamps
  • 100 Years – Hardware
  • 15 Years – Rails, Rungs, Rigid Climbers, Loops, and Decks
  • 15 Years – HDPE and Rotationally Molded Plastics
  • 5 Years – Cables and Nets
  • 5 Years – Moving Parts
  • 3 Years – Blow Molded Plastics
  • 1 Year – All Materials not Covered Above



Safety Zone – 23′ x 28′
Critical Fall Height – 8’
Age Group –
Child Capacity – 2
Typically Ships in 1 – 2 Weeks
Freight Not Included
Installation Not Included


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