Our SnapSports 50/50 with shocktower which is 50cm x 50cm are the largest game tiles in the industry which means 70% less seams for superior ball play and safety. The Indoor 50/50 surface let’s you set up a professional grade volleyball facility for either permanent or temporary use. If using it for a temporary tournament the 50/50 is easy to install and easy to disassemble to move to the next site.  And our shocktower which are thirty two individual shock absorbers ensure a consistent playing surface and excellent coefficient of friction to keep the surface in place. The patented “resilient shock” technology was designed with performance and safety in mind. The built-in shock deflection offers exceptional impact control and provides excellent rolling load support. Plus this surface is not just the best volleyball surface available, it is designed for use by multiple sports.

Industry’s largest modular sports surface tile

70% Less seams for superior ball play and safety

Top Rated vertical and lateral shock absorption

High performance athletic surface designed for multi-sport activities

Not affected by moisture or humidity

SnapSportability® – Fastest deployment of any modular sport surface

Conforms to international play standards

16 year warranty

Made in USA


Price is for the 50′ x 80′ volleyball court with lines only, all equipment, logos, other sports lines, installation and shipping not included in price, contact store for pricing.