If you’ve got basketball-loving kids, you may be considering purchasing  outdoor basketball hoops for your home. If you have been weighing the pros and cons, allow us to give you a few more reasons to add a hoop to your driveway this year!

outdoor basketball hoops

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1) Your kids will have a reason to exercise. You probably know the drill: your kids get home from school and can easily fall into the trap of wanting to zone out in front of the TV, computer or gaming system. But with an outdoor basketball hoop just outside, they’ll have a reason to get outside and exercise and will have fun doing it!

2) Your kids will have an advantage over other kids. If your kids are involved in a competitive basketball league or are wanting to try out for a school team, having an outdoor basketball hoop at home for practice will give them an obvious advantage. You can even paint a free throw line, three-point line and lane lines to make your outdoor basketball hoops more effective for improvement.

3) Be the center of the neighborhood fun! Kids will naturally gravitate towards the home in the neighborhood that they deem as the most entertaining. So if you have an outdoor basketball hoop, expect that the kids will always be in your yard. This will help your kids to grow socially and get to know their neighbors as well. (And if you really want to be the social center of the neighborhood, add a trampoline and play set, too!)

4) Your kids will be safe. When outdoor basketball hoops are installed incorrectly, it could become a dangerous safety hazard. Oftentimes neighborhood, park and community center hoops are improperly installed and not maintained. When you install your own, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you know that your kids and their friends are playing on a safe outdoor basketball hoop.

5) Increase your family’s fun time. If you have an outdoor basketball hoop, basketball can become an activity that the whole family can enjoy together, no matter everyone’s skill level. You can play competitively or just play games like H-O-R-S-E or Around-the-World that everyone can enjoy!

Happy Backyards™ in Nashville has the largest selection of outdoor basketball hoops in the area, so stop by today to learn more about how an outdoor basketball hoop can benefit you and your family!

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