In the market for Nashville trampolines? Happy Backyards™ offers a wide variety of trampolines perfect for any backyard! Check out this amazing trampoline from AlleyOop:


Like our VariableBounce™ trampoline, our DoubleBounce™ System is designed specifically to help reduce the risk of injury on the mat of the trampoline, where most injuries occur. Our DoubleBounce design offers significant safety and performance advantages over any single-bed trampoline. This top-of-the-line system is, quite simply, the world’s most advanced safety-engineered Nashville trampolines.


  • Protect your kids and their friends: Comprehensive studies show that 45 – 55% of all trampoline injuries result from fall-off accidents.
  • Builds Athleticism: JumpSport’s games and accessories develop balance, spatial awareness and stamina and encourage safer play activities.
  • “Movement is the door to learning” – Paul E. Dennison. Our games enhance visual acuity and stimulate and build neural networks that improve learning ability.
  • Great training and conditioning for teens: skiing, snow/wake boarding, cheer leading, etc.
  • Adults benefit from improved balance, spatial ability
  • Fun, healthy alternative to television and video games, right in your own backyard.
  • Acts as a security fence to discourage unauthorized use of your trampoline.

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