Why are more and more Nashville parents choosing Woodplay Playsets for their homes? Here are a few reasons:

Health and safety are top priority: Woodplay wooden swing sets are the healthy choice for children and pets: Domestic redwood requires no dangerous chemical preservatives (unlike certain wood species that are pressure treated to artificially extend life). “Woodplay dealers respond positively to domestic quality and so do parents investing in superior wooden swing sets,” notes Woodplay Product Manager Tom Ellingson. The exceptional strength of California redwood plays another key role in attracting dealers and parents to the Woodplay brand. Ellingson states, “Our structures are safe for heavy-duty use and kids of all sizes—including fun-loving, former linebacker dads,” He also points out, “The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends natural wood, like redwood, for outdoor swing sets.”

Other details are important to Woodplay’s safety standards as well. The hardware used throughout the swing sets is commercial-grade. Angled surfaces allow children more stability when climbing than straight up and down climbing surfaces. And Woodplay’s flat, non-slip ladder rungs are the best for sure-footed climbing.

Woodplay supports domestic production, sustainable materials: Parents can feel good about a company that produces with future generations in mind. With a manufacturing facility located in Raleigh, NC, Woodplay is committed to supplying a domestic product. And further, the company’s commitment to domestic production extends to the use of materials. “Over 90% of the lumber used in Woodplay wooden swing sets is redwood. And, since 2010, 100% of our redwood comes from sustainable forests in California,” explains Ellingson. Botanically, California Redwood is one of the fastest-growing timber species on the planet. This naturally inherent advanced growth, combined with the environmentally responsible practices of Woodplay’s timber provider, help ensure the sustainability of domestic redwood into perpetuity.

–Choices have been simplified: With more than 65 unique options for designing the perfect swing set, Woodplay, the original wooden playset company, has made it easier for parents to choose by streamlining its swing sets into two simple starting points – the Outback (angled base) and the Playhouse (square base). Every perfect swing set begins at one of these two basic concepts and grows from there. The Outback is a Woodplay original angled design that is now a swing set industry standard. It offers more room “down under” the swing set deck for play, enough room to add a tire swing. Angled-base swing sets give wide access to the swing set deck, and are perfect for playground equipment add-ons like a rock wall or chain ladder. The Playhouse, or square-base wooden swing set, is the classic playhouse look in a playset. It offers a cozy, compact footprint, plus extras like a built-in picnic table and sandbox. You can add a bonus room, a sun room, or favorite swing set options like a rock wall or monkey climber.

Beyond safety, environmental concerns and easier choices in designing the perfect playset for their yard and budget, parents want to make sure their investment will last and grow with their family. More and more parents are finding Woodplay wooden swing sets give them that peace of mind.