March Madness Games

March Madness in your own Happy Backyard!

March Madness is nearly here! Head in to Happy Backyards™ in Franklin to get a kids basketball goal for your kids just in time to play these fun March Madness games in your own driveway. You’ll create your very own March Madness at home! For most of the games below all you’ll need is some kids, a kids basketball goal and a basketball!

1) Hot Shot Shooting (2 or more players)

Set up: Designate ten shooting spots at different spots surrounding the kids basketball goal and use sidewalk chalk to assign a points value to each spot. (For example, spots close to the goal may be worth 5 points whereas a 3-point shot might be worth 15 points.)

The Game: Each player gets 10 shots and can choose to use them at each of the designated spots. The player not shooting keeps a running tally of how many points the other person is scoring. To add a little excitement, set a timer. The player with the most points is the winner.

2) Around the World (2 or more players)

Set up: Pick five spots around the kids basketball goal, typically a lay-up, free throw, 2 2-point shots and 1 3-point shot, marking them with sidewalk chalk if need be.

The Game: One player starts at the lay-up spot and if the shot is made, proceeds to the next designated spot. The players must make each of the five shots in succession in order to win. If the first player misses, the next person gets to try. The first person to make all five shots in a row wins!

3) Twenty-One (2 or more players)

Set up: Mark a 3-point line with sidewalk chalk if the kids basketball goal doesn’t have one already.

The Game: Each player is on his or her own, with the goal being to be the first player to score 21 points. The first player gets the ball behind the 3-point line and tries to score. The defensive players try to keep the player from scoring; if the player scores, he or she gets the ball back again. The ball changes possession when a defensive player steals or rebounds the ball. The offensive player can score 2 or 3-point shots and the first person to score 21 points is the winner.

4) M-A-R-C-H (2 or more players)

Set up: None required

The Game: You probably know this game as H-O-R-S-E, but in honor of March Madness you can spell MARCH instead! The first person chooses a spot around the kids basketball goal to shoot from and attempts the shot. If he makes it, the next person must shoot from that same spot. If he misses, he is assigned an “M” and the next person (or the original shooter if playing with just two people) gets to choose a spot to shoot from. The game continues like this until all of the players except for one have M-A-R-C-H.

Do you have any plans to celebrate March Madness with your kids? Stop by Happy Backyards™ today to purchase your kids basketball goal before the “Madness” begins!

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