In an age where TVs, iPads and other electronic gadgets can easily dominate our kids’ time, getting them outside to play and use their imaginations, muscles and energy is not only beneficial, but crucial for their growing bodies! Here are just a few of the benefits that a play set can provide for your kids:

Fights and prevents obesity

Sedentary kids are more likely to have poor eating habits and excessive calorie intake, making them more prone to both childhood and adult obesity. Play sets can provide endless hours of exercise while still being fun.

Enhances balance and coordination

Activities like swinging and climbing knotted ropes or rock walls teach balance and coordination. And even younger kids can increase their balance just by learning to sit on the swing and hold onto the chains by themselves.

Builds endurance

Whether they’re climbing or swinging on the monkey bars, kids will build endurance, increasing their energy levels and strengthening their cardiovascular systems, creating lifelong heart-health in the process.

Increases fine and gross motor skills

Gross motor skills include skills that require large muscle groups like running, kicking and jumping. Play set activities like slides, climbing walls, ramps and rope ladders help to tone and strengthen large muscle groups for kids of all ages. On the other hand, fine motor skills include things grasping items, writing and tying shoelaces. Play set features like climbing wall hand grips, a trapeze, steering wheels or a telescope will increase finger dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Stimulates the mind

When kids sit in front of the TV or computer, their brains aren’t challenged at all! Giving your child the opportunity to have unstructured free time is crucial to his or her long-term mental development.

For those of you who already own a play set, have you seen some of these benefits in your children? For those of you looking to purchase a play set soon, come to Happy Backyards™ in Franklin to see all that we have to offer. We can work with budgets and space constraints of all shapes and sizes!

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