If your kids have asked for a swing set for Christmas and you’ve started the search, you may have found yourself overwhelmed at all the brands, specifications and configurations available! We wanted to simplify the hunt for you by providing you with an overview of the brands we carry at Happy Backyards™ in Franklin. After you’ve perused the information below, stop by our store to talk with one of our knowledgeable associates who can help you find the perfect playset for you and your family!


Woodplay, known as “The Original Redwood Playset Company” and has been the industry leader since 1975. Made of top quality California Redwood, these swing sets will last for years and can be offer many different customization options and endless accessories.

What You Should Know: Happy Backyards™ offers four different Series of Woodplay swing sets – the Outback, Playhouse, Mega and Space Saver. Each option within the series then offers you additional combination options. For example, the Outback 5 Series is available in five different combos that offer different features. The options can seem overwhelming online which is why we recommend coming to our store so that we can walk you through the selection process!

Great For: Families looking for a long-lasting playset that can grow with their kids from toddlers to pre-teens and beyond!

Outback 5 Series

Outback 5 Series

Happy Backyards™ Brand by Playground One

Happy Backyards™ brand offers a great value while still offering plenty of customization options and add-ons. They are made of 100% natural Premium Cedar, which is naturally resistant to insects and decay so your swingset will last for years of play.

What You Should Know: Happy Backyards™ brand playsets are available in the following series – Happy Fort, Happy Gym, Happy Lodge, Happy Swinger and Mega. Like the Woodplay, there are many different options within each series. For example, there are seven different customization options within the Happy Fort series. Plus, there are so many additional ways to customize your playset with various add-ons and accessories so don’t hesitate to ask if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for online or in our store!

Great For: Families who have smaller spaces and smaller budgets but still want a long-lasting swing set that will provide the ability to add on elements to make it grow with their family.

Happy Fort Series

Happy Fort Series

So what are you waiting for? Stop by Happy Backyards™ this week to learn more about all of our swing sets!

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