Happy Backyards™School will be out before we know it, so we thought it might be helpful to start stockpiling a few “happy backyard” activities (and their supplies) for use when we hear the soon-to-be-uttered but very dreaded phrase “I’m bored!” Typically we hear that phrase about a week after summer vacation begins, but with these fun activities below maybe you can make it to mid-June before you hear it again!

Water Balloon Basketball – The best part about this game is that if it gets out of control quickly, it’s even more fun! Fill up as many water balloons as you can find, grab as many kids as you can find and then take turns trying to shoot water balloons towards the basketball goal. Soon kids will most likely begin taking aim at each other and that’s OK, too!

Homemade Chalk Paint – You’ll only need cornstarch, food coloring, water, paint brushes and a muffin tin to create your own sidewalk chalk paint. Just add equal parts of cornstarch and water into each muffin tin, along with a drop or two of food coloring to get to your desired color. Kids will love painting the driveway but if they happen to start painting each other, you’ll find that a quick spray of the hose will get them back to their original state.

Backyard Obstacle Course – If you’ve got a swingset in your backyard, use it as part of an obstacle course in your backyard that kids must race through to attempt to beat the times of others or their own personal best times. For added fun, have them do the obstacle course with variations like: carrying an egg on a spoon, wearing a blindfold or being tied at the ankle to another person. Get creative and this will be an activity the kids can do all summer long!

Kiddie Pool Bubbles – No matter how old your kids are, you can amaze them with these huge bubbles! You’ll need a hard plastic kids pool, 5 galloons of water, 10 cups of Dawn dish soap and a hula hoop. Gently mix the water and dish soap together in the pool and let the solution sit overnight. Kids can then take turns standing in the pool using the hula hoop to create giant bubbles that can be as tall as they are! Of course you can also find other suitable objects around the house that can make fun smaller bubbles as well.

Do you have any plans for the lazy days of summer? Stop by Happy Backyards™ this month to add some fun to your backyard!

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