How many times of you said the kids “Go outside and play!”  Well how about giving them a real reason to go out and play, give them their very own backyard playground from Happy Backyards.  Our name says it all; your kids will be Happy in the Backyard with one of our amazing playsets.  Our sets include everything from a clubhouse to a climbing wall, and a slide to a swing.  Our exchangeable play parts make it easy to individualize your playset for years of entrainment, excitement and FUN!

THREE Great Reasons to Put That Playset Up This Summer!

Health Benefits

Get outside to enjoy the fresh air, get physical: climb, swing, jump and most of all have FUN!

Research shows that children that have regular exercise experience higher fitness levels, gain stronger bones and muscles, and are at reduced risk for chronic health conditions.  Playsets also help youths gain improve motor skills, hand-eye coordination and agility.  One of the biggest features is the opportunity to BE IN NATURE!


Playsets last for YEARS!  With our modular features, you can even grow your playset as your kids grow.  For example, it is as easy as replacing the tandem pony with an additional swing changes the set and increases functionality.  Our wooden cedar sets are built with solid, treated lumber along with ductile iron swing hangers, steel pivot bolts and high-quality color retaining plastic components – all built to last!   In addition, playsets are not “fad toys” that are played with once and forgotten, end up broken or can’t be shared.  Playsets are the gift that keeps giving year after year and generation after generation.

Relationship Builder

Get to know the neighbors.  Playsets are an invitation to play.  Our playsets enable kids to interact, be get creative and just play!  Be it the castle, fort or clubhouse, your children can entertain their friends and build lasting relationships.  It is also a great collector for the entire family; parents feel safer when they can see their kids playing, so not only invite the kids but ask the parents to come visit too and get to know your community!  Our backyard playsets can help to build your neighborhood and create life-long friendships for you and your children.

Our wooden sets are aesthetically pleasing, while adding eye appeal and increasing property value. These playsets, built with real cedar wood, are much safer than metal sets that can rust and become scolding hot in direct sunlight.  Cedar is also much more durable than other woods and will stand up to the elements, resisting fading, warping and swelling.

When you select a professionally engineered wooden playset from Happy Backyards, you receive top-quality installation from our install professionals.  We will help with your selection process to pick the set that best fits your yard, provides the most features and stays within your budget.

It is nice to be the yard that the neighborhood wants to visit.  It is great to have the yard the kids want to play in and with our illustrious wooden playsets; you can have that type of yard. We consider our playsets an investment in FUN, so go outside and play!

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