Your kids are probably out of school for the holidays or at least counting down the days until the last bell rings. They’re looking forward to sleeping in, an endless supply of sweets and big family meals shared around the table. But exercise may not be top on their agendas. Here are some easy ways to get everyone in the family up and moving during the holiday break to keep the extra pounds off, the immune systems at full capacity and the attitudes full of holiday cheer!

– Remember that even 30 minutes of activity every can keep you feeling well and you can even spread those 30 minutes into 10 minute increments: take a family bike ride for 10 minutes in the morning, do a workout video in the afternoon and take a quick family job after dinner.

– Use the Wii or similar video game to get everyone off the couch and moving. Hold a family Olympics and keep track of everyone’s score, awarding prizes and medals at the end.

– Take a nature walk, a scavenger hunt or just bundle up and walk around the neighborhood looking at Christmas decorations instead of driving. Make Christmas treats for the neighbors (or just take them what you already have!) and walk them to family, friends and neighbors.

– Rake the last few leaf piles or make it a family event to put away all the outdoor Christmas decorations. Lugging boxes counts as an activity!

– Head to your local ice skating rink or inflatable bounce place for open-skate or open-bounce Family Nights.

– Turn on your iPod and have a holiday dance party to all of your favorite songs.

– Snow probably won’t make its appearance here in Middle Tennessee, but if it should happen to appear, plan to burn your calories with snow angels, snowball fights, snow shoveling and sledding.

– And since snow is most likely not in our future, that means you’ll have great conditions for a family basketball game, playset time, or game night on the trampoline!

What’s your favorite way to get the kids (and yourself!) up and moving over the holiday break?

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