kids basketball goalsMarch is almost here and hopefully it will bring warmer temperatures when it comes! We can’t wait to get our kids back outside to the backyard to enjoy their playset and to the driveway to enjoy their basketball goal! Help your family and your neighbors get the most of out their kids basketball goals with these fun and engaging games!


Bump is more fun if you’ve got more than two people, but can be played with as few as two. To play, create a free throw line on your driveway with a piece of chalk; you can make it closer to the goal if you have younger kids playing. No matter how many players you have you’ll need two basketballs. To begin, the players line up behind the designated line and the first two players in line hold the basketballs. The first player shoots and attempts to make the basket. As soon as the first player shoots, the next player can shoot for the goal as well. If the first player makes his shot, he passes it to the next person in line and they shoot. If he misses, he can continue attempting to make a basket until the person behind him makes their basket. If the second player makes it before the first player, the first player gets “bumped” and must sit out until a new game starts. Play continues until there is only player remaining and they are declared the winner.

Around the World

Around the World is a fun game to be played on kids basketball goals and is great for two or more players. To win, a player must make a series of shots in a row from designated areas around the goal. If he or she misses – be it the first shot or the last shot or anywhere in between – he or she must let the next player take a turn. Each time the player must begin again from the first designated spot. The designated spots can be anywhere but a layup, free throw, three-point shot and two side shots are great places to start.


Of course, HORSE is a classic favorite for anyone who has ever had a kids basketball goal in their driveway! This is a great game for kids of any skill level and you need two or more players. To begin, the first player takes a shot from anywhere on the court. If he makes it, the next player must take a shot from the same location. If the second player makes it, too, the third player then takes a shot from the same spot. The first player who misses is assigned an “H” and the next player then gets to choose a place to take a shot. The game then continues and anyone who receives H-O-R-S-E must sit out until the game is over. In the end, only one player will remain and is declared the winner.

What is your favorite game to play with your kids basketball goal?

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