School is almost out and your kids may already be complaining that they’re bored! When your kids come inside saying that they’ve run out of things to do, you can be prepared with the lists below:



Put a little twist on the game of H-O-R-S-E – an oldie, but goodie! The first player picks a spot to shoot a basket. If he makes it, the second player must make a basket from the same spot in order to avoid being assigned an “S.” If he doesn’t make it, the second player gets to choose his own spot to shoot a basket. If he makes it, the first player then must make a basket from the same spot in order to avoid an “S.” If there are more than 2 players, each “round” continues until someone misses a basket and is assigned a letter: S-N-A-C-K. When a player receives all 5 letters, he or she is out of the game. The last player to be in the game gets to eat a special snack (and share with the rest of his or her friends!)



Use a piece of sidewalk chalk to make a line at a distance from the goal that seems to match the skill level and age of your players. All players stand single-file behind the line and the first two players hold basketballs. The first player shoots and must try to make a basket before the second player makes a basket. If the first player makes his basket first, he gets his ball and gives it to the next person in line. If the second player makes his basket first, the first player is out of the game until the next round.




Blow up (overinflating is helpful) 5-10 balloons and then place them all on the trampoline. The kids should try to pop the balloons without using their hands.

Popping a balloon in this way is harder than it sounds, but kids will surely have fun trying!



The first child performs a “move” – one jump, touching his toes, a knee jump, toe touch, etc. The next child will then perform the first child’s “move” and then add on one of his own. The game continues until it’s too hard to remember everything. Clues are allowed if everyone wants to keep the game going for longer!




Set up a timed or untimed relay race for the kids. You may want to add other stations around the backyard or just keep it confined to your play set. Time kids as they climb the rock wall, do the monkey bars, swing 10 times on the swings and then slide down the slide. Encourage them to try again and decrease their time or have two kids race each other if your play set allows.



Turn your sprinklers towards your play set and get your kids in their swimsuits! Their slide is now a water slide, (you could even put a baby pool at the bottom) and it’s a whole lot cooler (in more ways than one!) to swing in the “rain.” (**playsets and slides can become slippery. So be careful!)


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