fourth of july activitiesIf you don’t yet have plans for the Fourth of July but have kids who will be itching to get outdoors and enjoy the day, here are five Fourth of July activities you can use to start planning for the day!

1) Many neighborhoods organize Fourth of July parades where kids can dress up in red, white and blue and decorate their bikes, wagons, scooters or other modes of transportation. But just because yours doesn’t organize one for you doesn’t mean that your kids need to miss out on the fun! Gather some friends and neighbors together and make your own parade then hand out prizes for the best costumes and decorations. Your kids probably won’t even realize that your parade wasn’t “official!”

2) Host a neighborhood ice cream social or just invite a few friends over to your house. To up the fun, purchase a 10-foot section of gutter (usually around $5 or $6) at your local hardware store, wrap it in foil and create the longest ice cream sundae your kids have ever seen! You can provide the ice cream, but ask your party attendees to bring their favorite toppings.

3) Plan a day of outdoor activities for just your kids or the entire neighborhood of kids in your backyard. Set up different stations and have the kids rotate from one to the next after a set amount of time. You could offer things like sidewalk chalk or chalk painting, water gun target practice, an obstacle course using your outdoor play set or a snack station where they can cool off with water or a popsicle. End the fun with a giant game of water balloon tag!

4) Invite some kids over to enjoy a basketball tournament. If you have some neighbors who want to join in the fun, you can have multiple games going on at one time. Depending on how many kids want to play, you can play 2-on-2, 3-on-3 or whatever makes sense for your participants. Make sure to have plenty of water, shade and sunscreen on hand to avoid any dehydrated or sunburned kids!

5) Pack up the kids and go to a FREE local celebration; there are plenty to choose from in Middle Tennessee! Downtown Nashville offers their annual Free Family Fun Zone from 12-5pm, Franklin on the Fourth in Downtown Franklin has a children’s activity area that runs from 10-5pm and Murfreesboro and both Gallatin and Brentwood offer free music, along with fireworks, beginning in the early evening. So pack a picnic and some sunscreen and head out to one of these great events sure to get your kids up and moving!

What ideas do you have for Fourth of July Activities? We’d love to hear how you plan to celebrate!

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