Springfree Trampolines has partnered with an outdoor digital gaming company named tgoma (which stands for “take gaming outside and make it active”) to create a fun way to get kids outside and moving, while still enjoying the benefits of technology. According to Springfree, kids spend over 60 hours a week consuming media and less than 60 minutes a WEEK playing outside. But instead of fighting against technology, incorporating it responsibly and creatively in your kids’ lives can be extremely beneficial!



tgoma is the very first outdoor interactive digital gaming system that incorporates specialized sensor technology on the edge of the trampoline that is then integrated with your own tablet device via Bluetooth. tgoma’s high-energy active and educational games can track kids’ activities and progress, encouraging them to set goals and make physical activity a priority.


Currently there are seven interactive games available on tgoma including:

maxresdefault– “Alien Stomp,” a whack-a-mole type game that required stomping and jumping on the digitalized aliens

– “2048,” a game for older jumpers and adults to get exercise

– “tgomaFIT,” which allows you to store your jump stats, set goals and view your total amount of energy burned


So how can you get access to tgoma and get your kids moving? Simply purchase a Springfree Trampoline and you’ll receive the tgoma system with your purchase. Then download the tgoma software from iTune or Google PlayStore to your 7”-11” tablet and attach the tablet to your Springfree Trampoline. The tgoma controller wirelessly connects with your tablet for easy set-up and installation.

Stop by Happy Backyards™ today to see just how tgoma can get your kids outside and moving!

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