feature_trampoline“Customer service is not a department, it’s everyone’s job.” ~ Anonymous

We know that you have many choices when buying residential playground equipment, a trampoline or basketball hoop for your home. That’s why at Happy Backyards™ quality products and friendly customer service have always been our priority for more than 15 years. From our professional sales staff to our installation crew, our team strives to make your experience pleasant and hassle-free.

What is one of the tools we use to help make our customer service so great? HostedNumbers.com.  With their phone number tracking service, we are able to record  and review sales calls to help our sales staff improve the customer experience. We also analyze what types of phone inquiries are being made to the store and use this data to make improvements or provide additional services/products for our customers. Who knows? Your call could add a product line to Happy Backyards™!

And for those of you that may live a bit further away from one of our locations, we can still provide you with outstanding customer service without having to make a long distance call with the hostednumbers.com local numbers. Simply call the local number from our website and it will be re-directed to one of our playground professionals.

Who do we consider one of the team when it comes to customer service at Happy Backyards™?  Hostednumbers.com. Their reliable service and helpful staff makes our job that much easier. We hope you find our entire team helpful and reliable as well!

Ready to celebrate spring and transform your backyard into a HAPPY BACKYARD? Visit our website or give us a call and then grab your children and come visit our huge indoor/outdoor showroom to test all our amazing products for the whole family and talk to one of our playground professionals.