basketball-157925_960_720If you follow college basketball at all, you know that we’re in the midst of March Madness and the field has already been narrowed down to the Sweet Sixteen with the top two teams competing for the championship on April 3rd. If you have a young basketball fan in your home, March Madness is a great time to get them involved in the tournament! In addition to having them fill out a tournament bracket to guess who will win each game, here are a few other ways to create some March Madness in your very own home:

– Plan your own March Madness basketball tournament. Invite your friends and neighbors over for a “pick-up game” tournament. Depending on the number of players, divide the teams evenly and create a bracket for the event. Teams can play for 10-15 minutes each within any parameters that you develop and will continue to play until there is a winner!

– Throw a March Madness party. Even if your favorite team isn’t in the tournament, you can still throw a party that everyone will enjoy! Invite your friends and neighbors to dress up in their favorite team colors and have them guess the final outcomes of the games. Round out your event by serving basketball-themed foods; Pinterest is a wealth of information for things like this!

– Organize a night of basketball games. If you don’t have enough people to create an entire tournament as mentioned above, play these games with just your family or invite some friends and neighbors to join in the fun. Here are some of our favorite games that kids and adults of all ages will enjoy:

  1. Gotcha – Everyone begins by lining up behind the free throw line (or a line of your choosing). The first two players have basketballs and the first person in line shoots to make a basket. Once the first person shoots, the second person in line can shoot his or her basketball, too. Once the first person makes a basket, the ball is passed to the third person in line and then the second basketball is passed to the fourth person and so on down the line. The goal is to try to make a basket before the person in front of you makes theirs, thus knocking them out of the game. The game continues until only one winner remains in the game.
  2. Hot Shot Shooting – Designate ten shooting spots at different places around the goal, using sidewalk chalk or tape to assign a points value to each spot. (For example, spots close to the goal may be worth 5 points whereas a 3-point shot could be worth 15 points.) Each player then gets 10 shots and can choose to use them at each of the designated spots. The other players keep a running tally of the score and the player with the most final points is deemed the winner.
  3. Twenty-One – Each player is on his or her own, with the goal being to be the first player to score 21 points. The first player gets the ball behind the 3-point line and tries to score. The defensive players try to keep the player from scoring; if the player scores, he or she gets the ball back again. The ball changes possession when a defensive player steals or rebounds the ball. The offensive player can score 2 or 3-point shots and the first person to score 21 points is the winner.

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