If you own or are thinking of purchasing a Woodplay 6-in-1 convertible picnic table, we’ve got some great ideas so that you can make the best of all 6 configurations! We’ve listed the different uses below with fun suggestions for each one. Let us know how your kids love to use their Woodplay convertible picnic table!

Convertible Picnic Table

Picnic Table

Picnic Table

Even though this configuration is the main use, there’s so much more you can do than just eat snacks and lunch on it!

– Break out the arts and crafts projects on it – especially the messy ones like glitter, glue and paint!

– If you’re hosting an outdoor birthday party, set up the birthday cake and food on it, especially if the food needs a little shade. Plus, it will provide an adorable backdrop for blowing-out-the-candles photos!

– Use it for card games or board games.

Lemonade Stand

– If your playset is located in a visible location, use it as a real lemonade stand. But even if it’s in the backyard, get out the play money and use it for a pretend lemonade stand!

– For a fun backyard party that has stations and games, set it up as a ticket booth or prize redemption booth.

– Send your kids on pretend adventures throughout the backyard or neighborhood and use it as a passport checkpoint or train or bus depot.


– Cover the sides and front of the fort set-up for a completely secretive hideout.

– Use it as home base for a game of tag, “Capture the Flag,” or any other game that requires a jail.

Sandbox (with or without seats)

You can use the sandbox with or without seats (therefore making up two of the configurations):

– Hide small toys in the sandbox for small kids to dig for using shovels and a sifter.

– Have a sandcastle building contest and award prizes for the best ones.


– Create a puppet show stage using a tension rod and curtain held between the swingset posts.

– Have a dance recital or talent show.

– Set up a karaoke stage and be sure to provide costumes as well!

– Create a real or pretend boutique and invite the neighbors over for a little shopping.

How do you like to use your 6-in-1 convertible playset table?

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