Happy Backyards™ offers fun, themed, commercial playgrounds in order to bring the best play equipment to your neighborhood, church, school or community. These playgrounds go well beyond just standard slides and ladders to provide an environment where kids can grow their imaginations and play uninhibitedly, all while getting healthier through physical activity.

The Silver Star playground is a futuristic-looking playground full of obstacles and climbers that will keep kids challenged and busy no matter how many times they play on it. They’ll climb through rings, scamper up boulders, slide down poles, balance on rocks and let their imaginations run wild as they play on the various arms of the playset.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 8.24.17 PM

Here are just a few of the features on the Silver Star playset: overhead spinner, net bridge, tilted lily pad bridge, tower of rings, 3-wheel overhead spinner, net climber, standing orbital spinner, curved panel climber and curved net bridge.

Dimensions: 34’ x 48’5”

For ages: 5-12 years

Child capacity: 43

The Jumblin’ Jamboree playground features tree stump climbers and steps, roofs that looks like thatched hay, log tunnels, overhead ring ladders, a tic tac toe panel and more! Plus the slides abound on this model with a right turn tube slide, left turn tube slide and two metal slides.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 8.33.45 PM

Dimensions: 29’9” x 34’11”

For ages: 5-12 years

Child capacity: 69

These commercial themed playgrounds have unbelievable warranties with a 100-year warranty on hardware and posts, a 15-year warranty on rails, rungs, rigid climbers and plastics and a 5-year warranty on cables, nets and moving parts. Contact us at Happy Backyards™ to learn more about the warranties and what they cover.

Happy Backyards™ sells and installs only the safest and highest quality residential playground equipment, basketball goals, and trampolines for your own home. We are a local company and have been doing it for more than 20 years with a focus on quality products, quality service, and competitive low pricing.