So many times we as parents think that we need to take our families on lavish vacations in order to make memories with our kids. But if you’re like us, then you’ll agree that some of your favorite childhood memories were created in your neighborhood and in your very own backyard! Keeping that in mind, think about how important it is to create a happy backyard at your home! For less than the cost of a Disney vacation, you can add a playset to your backyard that your kids will be able to enjoy for years to come!


Here are some ways you can create lasting memories with your playset in your very own happy backyard:

– Put a family night on the calendar. Whether it’s once and week or once a month, carve out some time as a family to enjoy one another. Pick up pizza, grill out or just do popsicles, but whatever you do, make sure to just enjoy being together!


– Play WITH your kids. As tired parents, it’s usually easy to just sit back and watch your kids play without engaging with them in the backyard. You certainly need some rest sometimes, but at other times, your kids will love having you join them to swing, slide or do some monkey bars!


– Invite the neighbors. A happy backyard with a playset is certainly a way to get to know your neighbors! Fire up the grill and invite your friends and neighbors over to enjoy your swing set with you and your kids!


And if you need some help picturing what a playset could look like in YOUR happy backyard, above and below are some recent installation photos of swing sets we have installed all over Nashville. Call or come by today if you’d like to see what Happy Backyards™ has to offer you and your family!


Happy Backyards™ sells and installs only the safest and highest quality residential playground equipment, basketball goals, and trampolines for your own home. We are a local company and have been doing it for 15 years with a focus on quality products, quality service, and competitive low pricing.