after school activities

Picnic Table

We know that the time between when your kids get off the bus after school and dinnertime can often be less than a happy time for both mom and kids. The kids are restless after a long day at school and you’re trying to finish up dinner and get it on the table. So here are some fun after school activities you can plan for your kids so that your backyard can be a happy backyard! These fun activities require little prep work and few supplies – exactly what you need for late afternoons! (Plus, these activities can be enjoyed by any number of kids!)

Trampoline Sequence

To play, perform one trampoline trick one time, then perform the next trampoline trick two times and the next one three times. The sequence continues, with no breaks, until you can do the final trick ten times. When you’ve reached ten, go backwards, performing the same tricks in sequence until you’ve reached one again. If you’re playing with more than one person, take turns doing your own 1 to 10 sequences or work together, alternating numbers until you reach 10. If you want to add competition, the person who can go the longest without making a mistake wins!

“Hold On” Obstacle Course

Create an obstacle course, either by just using your playset or by setting out other obstacles in the yard like hula hoops, cones and other sporting equipment. Do one timed run without holding anything and then for subsequent races, add complicated items to hold. For example, you might have to do the race holding a heavy barbell, pillow or broomstick. Time each run and write them down if you want to declare a winner.

Baskets in a Row

Mark various locations around the basketball goal – with chalk or cones – and each player gets a chance to make as many baskets in a row as they can without missing. When playing by yourself, when you miss, move to a new spot and start counting again. If you’re playing with a friend, when you miss, the next player gets a chance to shoot his baskets all in a row.

Blindfolded Chalk Murals

Provide a list of topics to create sidewalk chalk murals. For example, sports might be a topic, but the trick is that you have to do it blindfolded! Even doing this by yourself will create a chuckle as you take off your blindfold to check your work. But if you’re playing it with a friend, ask a third-party party judge to award a price to the winner!

Do you have a favorite easy afternoon activity that makes your backyard a happy place to be?

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