Here’s a fun Valentine’s Day craft for your kids! You can tailor it to their age and skill level and use it to decorate your own home or as a gift for a friend or grandparent.

Supplies Needed:

– Artist Canvas in any shape or size

– Paint in varying shades of red and pink

– Painter’s Tape

– Paintbrush or sponge

Instructions for younger kids:

1) Use the painter’s tape to spell out the word LOVE or any other Valentine’s-related word or symbol that comes to mind on the artist canvas. To cut out a heart-shape, lay painter’s tape – overlapping strips of tape – on a cutting board and then use an exacto knife or similar sharp knife to cut out the desired shape. Then carefully pull up the tape and transfer the shape onto the canvas. Press down well to make sure the edges are sealed so paint will not seep under the tape.

2) For younger kids, choose finger paint or use washable tempera paint with a thick-handled brush or sponge. Instruct your kids to paint all over the canvas, including on top of the painter’s tape.

3) Allow paint to dry before carefully peeling off the tape, leaving white space in the shape of your word or symbol.

Options for older kids:

1) Depending on their skill level, allow them to help “design” the painter’s tape cut-out shape or word. You could even overlap the tape on the cutting board for them and have them draw the shape onto the tape for you to then cut out with the exacto knife.

2) Smaller brushes and acrylic paint will give older kids the ability to control the colors of their painting better, or they can have fun with finger or sponge painting, too!

What will you be doing to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids this year? Do you have any annual Valentine’s Day crafting traditions to share with us?

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