Spring is finally here and your kids may be looking for after-school activities or spring break entertainment to keep the boredom at bay. Here are some fun outdoor games that can be played with little equipment and a range of players:

Kick the Can – Put a can (or any other kick-able object) in the middle of the playing space and choose one player to be “it.” The “it” player guards the can while counting to 20 as the other players hide. When he reaches 20, he begins looking for the other players and tries to tag them. If he successfully tags them, they go to “jail” – a predetermined space. Untagged players can try to run and kick the can which then sets free any players in “jail.” The game ends when the “it” person puts everyone in “jail.”

Crab Soccer – Set up goals at two ends of a playing field (or backyard). Two teams of players – even as small as two players on each team – get into crab positions with their backs facing the ground and “walking” using their feet and hands. Players try to get the ball into the other team’s goal by using their hands or feet.

Flashlight Tag – Pull out the flashlights for a late-night version of a beloved kid’s game! Choose an “it” player or multiple players and give them flashlights. Other players get a head start to hide and players are considered “out” when the flashlight “tags” them.

Blind Man Obstacle Course – Set up a simple obstacle course in your backyard – it can involve basketballs, swing sets, or whatever other equipment you have around. Give kids the opportunity to take a closer look at the obstacle course or even go through the obstacle course one time before blindfolding them and having them do the course without seeing.

Olympic Competition – Set up any number of games using your basketball hoop, trampoline or backyard swing set and assign a point value for first, second and third place to each activity. Have each kid do each of the activities, naming a gold, silver and bronze winner for each event. The winner of the games is whoever collects the most points at the end of all the activities.

Three-Legged Red Light Green Light – Combine two favorite kids’ activities! Tie two kids’ ankles together with bandanas and then put them on a starting line with other pairs. A person at the finish line calls out green light and players must run to the finish line. When he or she yells red light, the pairs must stop. To add to the fun, have any pairs who fall over return to the starting line.

What are your spring break plans?

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