Summer is always a nice break from school for your kids, but you don’t want them to only be doing mindless tasks the entire time! So here are some fun outdoor games that will keep the learning going all summer long!

Treasure Hunt

What you need: Map, compass, hidden items

What it teaches: Following directions, reading and following a compass, reading a map

How to do it: Create a treasure hunt in your neighborhood for the kids by hiding various items. Make a note of what you hide and then provide clues in the form of a treasure map or written instructions. If you have older kids, include directional clues and teach them how to use a compass.

Math Basketball

What you need: Basketball goal, basketball, sidewalk chalk

What it teaches: Basic addition and subtration

How to do it: Write a variety of numbers on the ground around the basketball goal, making them more complicated double or triple digits if your kids are older and able to add and subtract well. Kids take turns attempting shots from the various number spots and if they make the shot, they get to add the number to their total. If they miss the shot they have to subtract the number from their total.

Trampoline Sight Words

What you need: Index cards and markers

What it teaches: Reading sight words

How to do it: Write one sight word per index card. One person holds out an index card while the other must read the sight word and call it out while they jump, bounce onto the trampoline in a seated position and jump back up again. If they read the word correctly before the end of the task, they get to go again.

Creative Storytime

What you need: Baskets of randomly paired items. (For example, one basket might contain a banana, compass, balloon, phone and card game, etc.)

What it teaches: Creative storytelling

How to do it: Split kids into groups or pairs based on the number of kids participating. Each group must tell a story using all of the items in their baskets without practicing ahead of time. Make multiple baskets to allow each group to get several turns.

What do you do to keep your kids learning all summer? Do you have a favorite educational activity you’d like to share?

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