Spring has sprung! The temperatures are warming up and all of Middle Tennessee seems to be breathing a collective sign of relief for having made it through another winter! If you’re like us, you want to recognize the occasion, so we thought we’d pass along some of our favorite ways to celebrate Spring’s arrival.

1) Plant a tree. Early Spring is a great and preferable time to plant a tree as rain is usually plentiful and the temperatures aren’t too hot yet. Involve your kids as you research the best kind of tree to plant in your available space and learn how to plant and care for it. If you make this an annual tradition, tag your tree to know what year you planted it. As the tree (and your kid!) grows, it will be fun for them to look back over the years and remember planting the tree together.

2) Make a list of firsts. After being inside for much of the Winter, sit down with your family and make a list of all of the things you want to do for the “first” time this year: first trip to the zoo, first trip to eat frozen yogurt or ice cream, first picnic at the park, first nature trail hike, etc. List all of the “first” ideas on a big sheet of paper, make a goal date to complete them all, then have fun checking them off when you do them together!

3) Gather your puddle-splashing gear. Of course Spring always brings showers, which bring plenty of puddles for splashing. Go ahead and get all of your kids’ rain gear together so you’ll know where it is when the next late afternoon storm hits. This is also a great time to figure out if any of your kids need new rain gear; do their umbrellas still work and are their rain boots and raincoats still big enough?

4) Go on a Spring scavenger hunt. Take a walk around the neighborhood or a local park or nature trail and give each child a disposable camera, digital camera or smart phone. Instruct them to take photos of any signs of Spring that they may see as they walk: flowers blooming, trees growing green leaves, birds, etc. When you get home, develop or upload the photos and enjoy looking at them together. It’s always fun to see a fresh perspective – especially a child’s!

5) Spring clean. This one may not sound like fun, but brainstorm ways to involve your kids and you may actually see some excitement! There will be plenty to clean inside, but if the weather’s nice, clean and inspect your trampoline or play set together and talk about all of the fun they will have on it this Spring and Summer after getting it all ready to go.

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