Here’s a great, yet simple 4th of July Kids Crafts idea. Tailor it to your child’s age – from age 2 and beyond – and then add it to your patriotic décor!

Supplies Needed for your 4th of July Kids Crafts:

– Rectangular art canvas (We used a 9” x 12” but any size will work!)

– Red, white and blue acrylic paint

– Painter’s tape

– Sponge brush(es)

1) Tape off the blue section on your flag with the painter’s tape. Ours was 5” wide by

4th of July Kids Crafts

Step 2

4 ¾” tall for our 9” x 12” canvas, but yours may be larger if you selected a bigger canvas.

2) Paint that section blue and let dry. (Kids under age 3 may enjoy just using their fingers to paint instead of a brush, but you’ll probably want to move that activity outside!)

3) If using a smaller canvas like ours, cut down your 1” painter’s tape to about ¾” wide in order to fit all 13 stripes onto your canvas. Leaving ¾ of an inch of white space at the top, fit in 3 evenly spaced pieces of tape next to the blue square and 3 more painter’s tape stripes underneath the blue part. This will ensure that you have room to fit in all 13 stripes. (And remember, this is a kids craft, so don’t worry about getting your stripes perfectly even!)

Step 4

4) Paint the stripes red and let dry.

5) If your child is younger, they’ll enjoy using their fingerprints to create the white “stars.” Depending on their age and counting ability, help them count out 50 fingerprints or 5 sets of 10 fingerprints. If your child is older, they may want to use a pencil eraser, cotton swab or small brush to make actual star shapes.

5) Remove all of the painter’s tape and let dry. Prop your flag canvas somewhere or hot glue ribbon or a hanger to the back to hang from a wall or door.

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