Fall is just around the corner and you may have already enrolled your child in a Fall sports league. Start getting your child ready now to ensure that he or she has a positive and rewarding experience. Here are some things to keep in mind:

– Above all else, make sure that your child is having fun whether they are practicing or playing! Too often parents only focus on the competition and winning, but young kids will stick with sports longer if they enjoy the process.

– Make training and practicing fun: create obstacle courses or make up fun contests to keep drills fun. Forcing a child to do an activity will slowly build up to create fear, anxiety or even hatred of a sport that is supposed to be enjoyable. Be sure to stop by Happy Backyards™ to see our full line of training equipment!

– Before middle school, kids should only be involved in training that focuses on agility, coordination and body control. Emphasizing strength training too early can be detrimental to growing and developing muscles.

– Be encouraging! Your kids will need your support during the season so starting to practice now will make it easier for you to be their biggest fan in a couple of months.

– Review the rules and make sure they understand them. Doing that now will help to avoid any confusion and embarrassment later on.

– Drills and training don’t have to be intense or complex. Simple repetition like throwing or kicking a ball back and forth is the key to building muscle memory.

– Have your kids try on all their equipment prior to the first practice. Kids grow fast and ensuring that they have the correct size shoes, clothes and other equipment will set them up for success.

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