Keep Your Kids Hydrated During Outdoor Play

When temperatures start climbing during the months of June, July and August, it’s crucial to keep your kids hydrated while they play outdoors. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children drink six glasses of water per day but when playing outside in hot weather, they suggest replenishing with 5 ounces every 20 minutes. Here are some ways to ensure your kids get the water they need to stay full hydrated:

– Don’t wait until they are already outdoors before getting them to drink water. Whether indoors or out, create a habit of drinking water throughout the day to maintain constant hydration.
– Create a “hydration station” in your backyard by setting up a cooler next to an outdoor fan. Make sure kids are taking a quick break every 20 minutes to cool down for a minute or two.
– Keep full water bottles in the fridge and within easy reach so it’s easy and convenient for them to grab a quick drink.
– Put a lemon in their water, too. The extra little taste it gives doesn’t have to be reserved just for adults!
– Freeze water with fruit in popsicle molds and offer them during breaks.
– For older kids biking around the neighborhood, install a water bottle holder and then make sure it’s used!
And remember that water is the best source of hydration for your kids. Make sports drinks and popsicles a special treat and not the norm!



Baseball is already in full swing but it’s not too late to start “spring training!” The Goalrilla Spring Trainer is the most efficient and effective trainer available. Here are just a few of the many highlights of the baseball Spring Trainer:

  • High Repetition: Builds muscle memory Faster
    • Quick reset within 4 seconds after every hit allows for 100-150 swings in 10 minutes
    • Receive instant feedback on your swing
  • Multiple Pitch Locations: Practice hitting every conceivable pitch
    • Adjust height of the ball as well as 10 different plate locations
    • Change plate angle to practice hitting to different areas of the field
  • Solo Trainer: Train year round, indoors and outdoors
    • Train solo but with a personal swing coast that helps correct swing instantly
    • No lost time pitching or retrieving balls
    • Portable so it’s perfect for traveling teams
  • Easy Adjustment to a Pitchback
    • Practice throwing and fielding
    • Can simulate ground balls, line drives and fly balls
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Woodplay Playset OUTBACK XL7 SERIES

Are you ready to see the tallest and biggest playset offered by Woodplay ? A playset that features options like a 14′ super slide or step chain combo ladder?? How about sailing down the HUGE Hurricane Slide? Check out this awesome playset that is sure to bring hours of fun for the whole family:

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Safe Playset Surfaces from Happy Backyards!

Safety always tops the lists of concerns when parents are looking to create an outdoor play area for their kids.
You may spend lots of time researching top-quality play sets but may overlook the importance of creating a safe surface for your new play equipment. If you want to upgrade your surface beyond just grass or wood mulch, consider Soft Landing Rubber Products for small and large areas.
Here are some highlights:
– Safe for your kids
– Provides a soft landing spot
– Stays clean and inhibits mold and fungi growth
– Safe for the environment
– 100% recycled rubber
– Non-toxic
These surfaces are more affordable than ever and will last for years with little maintenance.
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