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Vuly 2 Tent – 14′




Stay Cool: Superior Airflow

Our tent’s panoramic windows provide the best airflow of any trampoline tent on the market. Slip it on for shade and sun protection in summer, or a warmer bounce in winter.

A Bouncy Cubby Sleepover

Simply lay out a sleeping bag and pillows and you have a fun, comfortable backyard cubby house. Sleepovers are now easier: just add some Christmas lights for a touch of magic.

Detachable Walls

If you’d like some extra shade while bouncing or playing on your trampoline, you can attach the tent roof without the walls. Add the walls as you need, with easy assembly.




Let their imagination run wild as they bounce into a world of their own inside Vuly’s Trampoline Tent. Perfect for a bouncy cubby house or backyard camping spot, the Trampoline Tent is a source of endless fun.


Tent only.  Trampoline not included.

$469.00 $350.00


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