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Original Playcenter Triple Jackpot



The Original Triple Jackpot equals triple the fun! What better way to enjoy a Turbo Spiral Slide, 14ft Super Slide, 10ft double wall wave slide, than with the Original Playcenter Triple Jackpot. Offering a 5ft high playdeck, rockwall and step/rung ladders, 8ft high swing beam, and a Sky Loft for even higher heights, this system has everything you could want. Dare to compare and find out once again why Playground One will Let Your Imagination Fly!

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Footprint: 29' x `4'

Deck Height: 5'

Swing Beam Height: 8'

Slide Length: 10'

Deck Size: 4' x 6'

Overall Height: 14.5'

- 10’ and 15' Slides
- 360° Spinning Tire Swing
- Rock Climbing Wall w/ Rope
- Step/Rung Ladder w/ Hand Rails
- Rope Ladder
- Vinyl Roof
- Safety Handles
- (3) Belt Swings
- Trapeze Bar w/ Rings
- Ship's Wheel

- 270 Degree spiral slide

- Skyloft tower