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Eau Claire



The Eau Claire play structure is guaranteed to bring amusement to children. A 36” elevated platform with a vertical PE rock climber, gear panel, single drum, and a right turn slide connects to the rest of the structure by pebble steps. The pebble steps lead to an elevated platform with a sea creature climber attached to it, from this platform an arch bridge connects to an elevated platform of the same height and an incline tube bridge connects to a higher elevated platform with a sea creature climber, right turn slide, and spiral slide attached to it. The other lower platform has a straight slide and metal barrier with ship’s wheel attached to it; a set of stairs also leads up to this platform. The Eau Claire play structure is ADA compliant with features like a rain wheel, bongos, a ship’s wheel, etc. This structure is designed for children 2-12 years of age.

The Eau Claire is popular for children of all ages.  Keep it like it is or change colors and modify activities.  It is a special order so customize it the way you want it.  It can take 7-10 weeks for delivery.

$20,134.00 $16,175.00


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Play Set Dimensions – 21'11" x 36'6"
Safety Zone – 33'11" x 48'6"
Critical Fall Height – 72"
Age Group – 2-12 Years
Child Capacity – 54
- Ships Wheel and a rain wheel                                                                                  - Pebble Steps
- Bongo Drums and Single Drum
- Gear Panel
- Arch Bridge
- Pod Climber
- Vertical PE Rock Climber
- Sea Creature Arch Climbers - 2
- Incline Tube Bridge
- Spiral Slide
- 2 Right Turn Slides and a Straight Slide
Available in Additional Colors
SPECIAL ORDER – Typically 7-10 Weeks
Freight Not Included
Installation Not Included
ADA Compliant
- 100 Years – Steel Support Posts, Hardware, Clamps, & Post Caps
- 15 Years – Metal Support Materials & Decks
- 15 Years – Roto-Molded and HDPE Plastic Components
- 5 Years – Cables and Nets
- 5 Years – Moving Parts
- 3 Years – Blow Plastic Components
- 1 Year – All Products Not Listed Above